About Me

After many years of teaching, I am putting  together “TICKLEY UNDER SIX” to inspire and invite you to turn everything you do into a Song,  a Rhyme or a Poem.  I am passionate about Early Childhood Education !

I am sure you will find what you are looking for in the many examples I will be publishing.

Make it a big part of your every day life. Fill every “blank” moment with traditional and relevant Songs, Rhymes and Poems.  Whether in a school, in a group or in your own home. Let it be part of a rich learning experience.  But mostly :  HAVE FUN !


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Carry
    I think you will do so well. I will stand on li e and be the first to buy. You have such a gift.
    may God bless this venture more than you can think or even imagine xxxxxmerle


  2. I read and memorized the poem, IF YOU FIND A LITTLE FEATHER, years ago when I was teaching second grade. I love this poem! I thought of it today as I was sweeping the leaves off of our deck. I found a little feather… the feather of a yellow finch! Yellow finches are the state bird of Iowa. We have many finches around our yard. I could identify it by its size and the bright yellow tip of the small feather. I will send this to my seven-year-old grandson along with the poem…What a happy thought to pull from my memory!


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