I’m the bathroom fiddler

The bathroom fiddler

The foodler and the doodler

The dawdler and the diddler

I dibble and I dabble

I meddle and I muddle

When it’s time for me to wash

When I know it’s time for bed

When I go up to the bathroom

To get ready for bed

I don’t get washed straightaway

I fiddle and I diddle

I pick up the toothbrush

and I bite the bristles

I get the bristles in my teeth and I pull

I pull

I heave

I have a tug-of-war with the toothbrush

I’m winning I’m winning

Yeurchk – my mouth is full of bristles

I get the can of talcum powder

I hold it in my hand

I drop my hand down fast

And out comes a puff of powder

Catch the cloud of powder

But it falls to the floor

Hey, it’s snowing in here

I made a mistake in the sink

Pour in the shampoo and the bubble bath

Whisk it all up to make the bubbles

Then I say

“Ok you Bubbles , you’re finished”

At that

I blow huge puffs of air

And the bubbles pop all over the place

Then I stick my finger down the plughole

And scoop out the mucky stuff down there

And then I stand and dream

Sucking on the sponge

And then I stand and dream

Sucking on the sponge

And dream  sucking on the sponge

Sucking on the sponge

On the sponge

The sponge


(Written by Michael Rosen)

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