She owned a cat and a rabbit

And a budgerigar called Pongo

But far above these common pets

She prized her blue-nosed drongo

The cat could play the violin

And rabbit sang a songo

But these were nothing to the deeds

Of Clint the blue-nosed drongo

The budgie could predict your fate

But sometimes got it wrongo

But still the favourite pet remained

Clint the blue-nosed drongo

They plotted daily on his life

But he was super strongo

The cat was often tied in knots

By Clint the blue-nosed drongo

Then though his owner wept and wailed

He honked one day “So longo !

The wild has called. I leave today”

So spoke the blue-nosed drongo

And off he flapped on leather wings

His destination Congo

And that’s the last they ever saw

Of Clint the blue-nosed drongo

And the cat he played a merry tune

To the rabbit’s happy songo

And the budgerigar predicted doom

For Clint the blue-nosed drongo

Who lives now in Joobly tree

Where he plays a fretful bongo

And feasts upon the Jaggla fruit

With the other blue-nosed drongos

(Written by Marian Swinger)



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