A nose is to blow

A nose is to sniff

A nose has holes

For sniffing with

Ears are found at the sides of your head

Are you wearing your ears today

Hurray !

Ears are to hear a story with

A mouth is to yawn

Open wide

See all the teeth and the tongue inside

A mouth is to laugh

Ha-ha !  Ha-ha !

A tongue is to talk and to sing La-la !

La-la !

La-la !

La-la !

Lips are to make very small for a kiss

Lips are to whistle and blow

Lips are to stretch very wide for a smile

And round when you mouth goes

Ho ! Ho ! Ho !

Feel how it makes your belly go

When you laugh

Ha-ha !

Hee-hee !

Ho-ho !

What about necks ?

A neck is to tickle

What about shoulders ?

Those are to wriggle

A back is to stretch so high and tall

A back is to curl up snug and small

Arms go up

Arms go down

Arms go reaching way out wide

Arms can rock you side by side

Hands are to hold and to pat

And clap !

Hands are to hide behind your back

Fingers and thumbs are for counting on

One, two, three, four, five…

And then

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten…

Let’s find some toes

And count up those

And then let’s wiggle and waggle each one

Legs are for leaping and jumping and dancing

Legs are for kicking and skipping and hopping

Feet are for stomping and suddenly  stopping !

Knees are to bend

So let’s all sit down

BUMP !  On our bottoms side by side

So here we are

And I’ll tell you again

Kisses are little

Smiles are wide


(Written by Judy Hindley)

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