Where can a man buy a cap for his knee ?

Or a key for the lock of his hair ?

And can his eyes be called a school ?

I would think – there are pupils there !

What jewels are found in the crown of his head ?

And who walks on the bridge of his nose ?

Can he use, in building,  the roof of his mouth ?

The nails on the end of his toes ?

Can the crook of his elbow be sent to jail ?

If it can, well then, what did it do ?

And how does he sharpen his shoulder blades ?

I’ll be hanged if I know – do you ?

Can he sit in the shade of the palm of his hand ?

And beat time with the drum in his ear ?

Can the calf of his leg eat the corn on his toe ?

There’s somethin’ pretty strange here !

(Adapted by William Cole)


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