Guess what I’ve got ? Hip hip hooray !

A brand new baby to love all day !

Aren’t I lucky ? Yes I know !

Why don’t you come and say hello ?

One fat tummy tight like a drum

Two little cheeks on one little bum !

Two little arms under the vest

One little neck and a soft warm chest

Two chubby legs and two rolly thighs

One little forehead, two round eyes

One funny hairstyle

Oh what a mess !

Too many hairs for anyone to guess

Two tiny hands and one small chin

Eight squashy knuckles with dimples in

Two strong shoulders

Two little wrists

Two plump knees

Now what have I missed ?

One squishy waist and two soft hips

One kissy mouth with two pink lips

Just one belly button small and sweet

Two pudgy ankles two tickly feet !

Ten little fingers ten little toes

Two little ears and one little nose

Two warm cheeks all rosy and bright

A kiss and a cuddle to say good night

One sleepy face on one sleepy head

Sleep tight, love you

It’s time for bed

(Written by Giles Andreae and Emma Dodd)




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