It started with the notes of a lullaby

The sweet gentle rocking notes

Of a mother singing her child to sleep

The sleepy song was carried out on the wind

Over farmhouses and rooftops in villages and towns

The windsong swept through meadows and woods

Drifting high above hills and mountains

Across lakes and rivers to the sea

The sea heard the song

And sang it in sea rhythms to the moon

The moon echoed the melody in light rippling notes

The whales in the sea heard the moonsong

And sang it deep under the water

Boats at anchor heard the whale’s song

And carried the tune on foghorns

As they signaled to each other in the darkness

The lighthouse keeper listened to the boats

And whistled the melody out into the foggy night

A flock of wild geese travelling through the night sky

Heard the lighthouse keeper’s tune

And sang the song to the hills below

In the hills a mockingbird heard the melody

And sand to her babies in the evergreen tree

The bullfrogs on the edge of the pond heard the mockingbird

And sang to the waterbirds who fell asleep on the shore

The crickets in the woods listened to the bullfrog’s chorus

And chirped the lullaby to all the babies of the forest

And through the meadows and all through the hills

The lullaby was sung in the night

And when the night ended and the sun began to rise

The ducks on the pond quacked the melody

To one another in greeting

Their wake-up song was heard by a little songbird

Who picked up the tune in its yellow beak

And flew away with it on the breeze

To bring the morning song to a mother and a child

Waking to the new day

(Written by Jane Chelsea Aragon)



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