Daddy would you like a sandwich with all your favourite things

Mmm ! Yes please

Now what does Daddy really like ?

Daddy loves white bread crusty on the outside

Daddy loves butter but not too much

Daddy loves cheese that’s a teeny bit stinky

Daddy loves tomato with the green bit pulled off

Daddy loves biscuits dunked in tea

Daddy loves his slippers ‘cos they’re old and very cosy

Daddy loves his newspaper but not when it’s been crinkled

Daddy loves his phone with the sound up very loud

Daddy loves his bike but it’s far too big…Oh ! these will do !

Daddy loves the TV and all those boring sports shows

Daddy loves Mum’s bubble bath he sits in there for ages

Daddy loves his camera and I’m not supposed to touch it

But maybe just this once

Daddy loves his banjo

And his toolbelt

And his deckchair

Daddy loves my jelly beans…Hmm

And my jigsaws

My drawings

My paddling pool

My pop-up books !

Daddy’s sandwich is nearly finished !

Just a great big squirt of ketchup and a slice of bread to go on top

But I think there’s something missing

I know !

More than anything

Daddy loves…ME !

Daddy ! Your sandwich is ready !

(Written by Pip Jones and Illustrated by Laura Hughes)



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