Stamping tramping reindeer feet

Clomp and stomp through polar sleet

Clip clop clop two by two

Santa ! Santa ! Where are you ?

Fuzzy furry polar ears

Hear the hooves of Santa’s deer

Whiskers twitching in the snow

Hurry bunnies off you go !

Hip hop hip hop polar claws

Where oh where is Santa Claus ?

Harking barking seal pup twins

Coast along on polar fins

Flippers flopping bellies glide

Follow bunnies side by side

Flip flop flip flop polar two

Santa ! Santa ! Where are you ?

Swishing swooshing polar tail

Pit pat paws go down the trail

Trekking tracking foxy nose

Sniffs for Santa off she goes !

Pit pat pit pat polar claws

Where oh where is Santa Claus ?

Bumbling tumbling polar cub

Toddlers from his arctic tub

Icy droplets splash and spray

Shake shake shake

He’s on his way !

Thump bump thump bump polar paws

Where oh where  is Santa Claus ?

Ziggy zaggy trick track

Crisscross crisscross doubles back

Giant paws in snowy drifts

Who has left these polar prints ?

Look ! Thump bump

Where ? Flip flop

See ? Pit pat

There ! Hip hop

Flicking kicking funny feet

Upside down in polar sleet

Stumble fumble in the snow

Snow shoes wagging to and fro

Hurry scurry polar paws

Rescue dear old Santa Claus !

Heave ho ! Heave ho ! Heave …

Ho Ho Ho ! says Santa Claus

Thank you thank you polar paws !

Hurry reindeer to the sleigh !

Clip clop clip clop



(Written by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Ivan Bates)






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