In the jungle one fine day

The creatures all came out to play

Parrot clicked his shiny beak

“Let’s play a game of hide and seek !”

“I want to count” Elephant cried

And everyone went to hide

“Five and four and three two one

Ready or not here I come !”

Leopard with her patterned fur

Stretched out on a branch to purr

She blended with the jungle light

And that helped her stay out of sight

Proud giraffe towering high

Could almost reach right to the sky

Her spotted coat shaped like leaves

Helped her to hide among the trees

Elephant searched high and low

He didn’t know which way to go

But suddenly to his delight

He spotted parrot small and bright !

Then a rustling from the grass

Disturbed the pair as they walked past

Who goes there ? Can you tell ?

But lion’s coat concealed him well

Elephant looked here and there

Through the leaves and everywhere !

He saw a log and gave a smile

One log looked like crocodile

Stick insect hid on a twig

When elephant who’s rather big

Didn’t see him sitting there

And nearly squashed him unaware !

The game went on he looked about

Leopard Giraffe and Lion came out

Just one was left. He gave a shout

“Wherever you are please come out !”

A little voice said “I’m up her !”

The creatures saw a shape appear

Chameleon with his clever skin

Can hide himself in anything !

(Written by Ali Lodge)



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