Great Uncle Morissey,  Dad and Mum

Were drowsing in deck chairs in the sun

“Run off and play” they said to me

“Make sand pies till it’s time for tea”

I was fetching some water in my pale

When I came across a lady with a long fishy tail

Sitting by a pool on a sea weedy shelf

Singing softly all by herself

When I asked if she’d care to take some tea

With Great Uncle Morissey, Dad, Mum and me

She lashed up the water, shook out her hair

Sent a thousand droplets into the air

And I just caught sight of the tip of her fin

As she whisked up her tail and dived right in

When I asked Uncle Morissey if he would wish

To meet a lady who was half a fish

He only yawned and said he’d seen plenty

When he was a lad back in 1920

(Written by Shirley Hughes)


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