1 is a snail

2 is a person

3 is a person and a snail

4 is a dog

5 is a dog and a snail

6 is an insect

7 is an insect and a snail

8 is a spider

9 is a spider and a snail

10 is a crab

And that means

20 is two crabs

30 is three crabs

Or ten people and a crab

40 is four crabs

Or ten dogs

50 is five crabs

Or ten dogs and a crab

60 is six crabs

Or ten insects

70 is seven crabs

Or ten insects and a crab

80 is eight crabs

Or ten spiders

90 is nine crabs

Or ten spiders and a crab

So 100 is ten crabs

Or if you’re really counting slowly

One hundred snails !

(Written by April Pulley Sayre and Jeff Sayre and illustrated by Randy Cecil)

Crabs have ten feet. Their front two feet also have a second job as claws


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