One foggy groggy morning by the salty splashy sea

I’m sure I saw a dinosaur and I’m sure that he saw me

I ran and told the fisherman

Who ran and told his Mum

Who ran and told the butcher

He must hurry up and come

The butcher told the baker

And the baker told the vet

And they ran down to the sea shore

With a camera and a net

“What’s the matter ?”

Asked the priest

“Now what is all the fuss ?”

“A dinosaur’s been seen” they said

“We’re sure it can see us !”

The priest told all the people

And each person told a friend

They all came running down the  beach

To Sandy Bottom End

All the aunts and uncles came

The nephews and the nieces

All the grans and grandads came

In woolly hats and fleeces

They came with sweets and sandwiches

And soup inside a flask

Some didn’t know why they were there

But didn’t like to ask

The newsmen came

The navy came

The captain called his crew

“A dinosaurs been seen !”  he said

“Make sure it can’t see you !”

They came with ropes and motorboats

With cannons and with snares

They came with swords and submarines

And scientists and prayers

The airforce came

The army came

And formed a human chain

Men in parachutes arrived

And jumped out of a plane

They came with dogs and divers

And binoculars and bait

And searched the seas for dinosaurs

From morning until late

They sat out in the wind and snow

They sat out in the rain

And none of them showed any sign

Of going home again

They set up camp upon the sand

In tents and trucks and cars

And still they sit and watch and wait

Beneath the moon and stars

But will they see a dinosaur ?

Or was my master plan…

To help my daddy sell icecreams ?

He is the icecream man !

No one comes to buy them

In the winter when it’s cold

Now everybody wants one

Every cornet has been sold

I’m sure I saw a dinosaur

But is it really true ?

Come and buy an icecream..

And perhaps you’ll see one too !

(Written by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Adrian Reynolds)


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