I love you when the days are bright

And everything you do feels right

But when you make your world a mess

I don’t love you any less

I love you in the dazzling sun

When everything we do seems fun

But when you have to shout and yell

I love you at those times as well

I love you as the leaves turn gold

When you’re feeling brave and bold

But on the days when you feel shy

I’ll help you hold your head up high

I love you when the snow lies deep

And all the world is fast asleep

And when the days are bleak and cold

You’ve always got my hand to hold

I love you right through all your days

I love you in so many ways

Through storms and sun and snow and rain

Right back till spring is here again

As every day begins anew

I love you strong I love you true

For all the things you say and do

For everything that makes you YOU

(Written by Smriti  Prasadam-Halls and illustrated by Alison Friend)


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