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Have you ever been to the Fine Time Circus ?

They have five spectacular performing mice

And each of them has a different skill

Each more spectacular than the last

Number one can ride a bike and fly a kite

Number two can run a mile on his front paws

Number three can skate on ice while dining on pineapple

Number four can sky dive and juggle fire

“But what can number five do ?”

I hear you ask

Are you ready for it ?

Can you guess ?

Number five can …

Ride a bike

Fly a kite

Run a mile

Skate on ice

Dine on pineapple

Sky dive

And juggle fire

At the same time !

If you don’t believe me then you must go to the Fine Time Circus

To see the five performing mice for yourself

(Written by Isabel Crawford)


Two for a crew

Two for a crew

What do you do with two for a crew ?

Sail !

Four at the shore

Four at the shore

What do you do with four at the shore ?

Swim !

Six on the bricks

Six on the bricks

What do you do with six on the bricks ?

Fly !

Eight in a crate

Eight in a crate

What do you do with eight in a crate ?

Run !

Ten in a den

Ten in a den

What do you do with ten in a den ?

Sleep !

Twelve by themselves

Twelve by themselves

What do you do with twelve by themselves ?

Waddle !

All you really  have to do is practice how to count by twos

2  4  6  8  10  and 12 !

(Written by Suzanne Hardin and illustrated by Bay Mathis)


A giggler gets the giggles

At every little thing

A puppy dog that sneezes

A cow that tries to sing

She giggles at an elephant

She giggles at a toad

She giggles if a baby duck

Waddles down the road

She giggles if the teacher asks

If two and two are four

At lunch she giggles if she spills

Potatoes on the floor

When mother sat on Daddy’s hat

She giggled till she cried

I think she ate a feather that

Is tickling her inside

(Written by Martin Gardner)




Sing me a song of teapots and trumpets

Trumpets and teapets

And tippets and taps

Trippers and trappers

And jelly bean wrappers

And pigs in pajamas

With zippers and snaps

Sing me a song of sneakers and snoopers

Snookers and sneapers

And snappers and snacks

Snorkels and snarkles

A seagull that gargles

And gargoyles and gryphons

And other knick knacks

Sing me a song pf parsnips and pickles

Picsnips and parkles

And pumpkins and pears

Plumbers and mummers

And kettle drum drummers

And plum jam (yum-yum jam)

All over their chairs

Sing me a song –

But never you mind it !

I’ve had enough of this nonsense. Don’t cry

Criers and fliers

And onion ring fryers –

It’s more than I want to put up with !

Good-by !

(Written by N M Bodecker)



Here is Simpkin

Simpkin once and Simpkin twice

Simpkin nasty Simpkin nice

Simpkin fast and Simpkin slow

Simpkin high and Simpkin low

Simpkin round and round the chairs

Simpkin up and down the stairs

Simpkin thin and Simpkin fat

Simpkin this and Simpkin that

Simpkin weak and Simpkin strong

Simpkin short and Simpkin long

Simpkin smooth and Simpkin rough


Simpkin warm and Simpkin chilly

Simpkin sensible and silly

And sometimes when we stand and call


(Written by Quentin Blake)



I love you when the days are bright

And everything you do feels right

But when you make your world a mess

I don’t love you any less

I love you in the dazzling sun

When everything we do seems fun

But when you have to shout and yell

I love you at those times as well

I love you as the leaves turn gold

When you’re feeling brave and bold

But on the days when you feel shy

I’ll help you hold your head up high

I love you when the snow lies deep

And all the world is fast asleep

And when the days are bleak and cold

You’ve always got my hand to hold

I love you right through all your days

I love you in so many ways

Through storms and sun and snow and rain

Right back till spring is here again

As every day begins anew

I love you strong I love you true

For all the things you say and do

For everything that makes you YOU

(Written by Smriti  Prasadam-Halls and illustrated by Alison Friend)