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Betty Botter bought some butter

But she said the butter’s bitter

If I put it in my batter

It will make my batter bitter

But a bit of better butter

Will make my batter better

So she bought a bit of butter

Better than her bitter butter

And she put it in her batter

And the batter was not bitter

So t’was better Betty Botter

Bought a bit of better butter



Anna Elise

She jumped with suprise

The suprise was so quick

It played her a trick

The trick was so rare

She jumped in a chair

The chair was so frail

She jumped in a pail

The pail was so wet

She jumped in a net

The net was so small

She jumped on a ball

The ball was so round

She jumped on the ground

And ever since then

She’s been turning aroun


Babies don’t walk they ride !

Babies don’t run they glide!

Strolling in buggies and backpacks and slings

Rolling in trolleys and car seats and things

Bumping around all over the place

With a scowl or a howl or a smile on their face

Charging along like charioteers

Flying down hills and up in the air

Huggled and cuddled and carried along

If babies could talk they’d be singing this song

Babies don’t walk they ride !

(Written by Kathy Henderson)


Have you ever been to the Fine Time Circus ?

They have five spectacular performing mice

And each of them has a different skill

Each more spectacular than the last

Number one can ride a bike and fly a kite

Number two can run a mile on his front paws

Number three can skate on ice while dining on pineapple

Number four can sky dive and juggle fire

“But what can number five do ?”

I hear you ask

Are you ready for it ?

Can you guess ?

Number five can …

Ride a bike

Fly a kite

Run a mile

Skate on ice

Dine on pineapple

Sky dive

And juggle fire

At the same time !

If you don’t believe me then you must go to the Fine Time Circus

To see the five performing mice for yourself

(Written by Isabel Crawford)


Two for a crew

Two for a crew

What do you do with two for a crew ?

Sail !

Four at the shore

Four at the shore

What do you do with four at the shore ?

Swim !

Six on the bricks

Six on the bricks

What do you do with six on the bricks ?

Fly !

Eight in a crate

Eight in a crate

What do you do with eight in a crate ?

Run !

Ten in a den

Ten in a den

What do you do with ten in a den ?

Sleep !

Twelve by themselves

Twelve by themselves

What do you do with twelve by themselves ?

Waddle !

All you really  have to do is practice how to count by twos

2  4  6  8  10  and 12 !

(Written by Suzanne Hardin and illustrated by Bay Mathis)