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There were these two children

And they were in bed

And it was

Time they were asleep

But they were making a huge noise

Shouting yelling and screaming

Look at me

Look at you

Let’s go mad

Yes ! Let’s go mad

Their Dad heard them

And he shouted up to them

Stop the noise

Stop the noise

If you don’t stop the noise

I’m coming upstairs

And I’ll give you

A bit of real touble

Everything went quiet

A few minutes later

One of the children called out

Dad ! Dad !

When you come up

To give us a bit of real trouble

Can you bring us up

A drink of water as well

(Written by Michael Rosen)



Do you know what ?

Said Jumping Joan

I had a bellyache

And now it’s gone

Do you know what ?

Said Kicking Kirsty

All this jumping

Has made me thirsty

Do you know what ?

Said Mad Mickey

I sat in some glue

And I feel all sticky

Do you know what ?

Said Fat Fred

You can’t see me

I’m under the bed

(Written by Michael Rosen)




Little donkey on the hill standing there so very still

Making faces at the skies little donkey close your eyes

Little monkey in the tree swinging there so merrily

Throwing coconuts at the skies little monkey close your eyes

Silly sheep that slowly crop night has come and you must stop

Chewing grass beneath the skies silly sheep now close your eyes

Little pig that squeals about make no noises with your snout

No more squealing to the skies little pig now close your eyes

Wild young bird that sweetly sing curve your head beneath your wing

Dark night covers all the skies wild young birds now close your eyes

Old black cat down in the barn keeping five small kittens warm

Let the wind blow in the skies dear old black cat close your eyes

Little child all tucked in bed looking such a sleepy head

Stars are quiet in the skies little child now close your eyes

[Written by Margaret Wise Brown]