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Did you ever go to Silversands

On a sunny summer’s day ?

Then perhaps you saw the mermaid

Who sang in the deep blue bay

She sang to the fish in the ocean

To the haddock the hake and the ling

And they flashed their scales and swished their tales

To hear the mermaid sing

And sometimes the singing mermaid

Swam in the silvery shore

She sat and combed her golden hair

And then she sang some more

She sang to the cockles and mussels

She sang to the birds on the wing

And the seashells clapped and the seagulls flapped

To hear the mermaid sing

When Sam Sly’s circus came to town

Sam took a stroll by the sea

He heard the mermaid singing

And he rubbed his hands with glee

He said “I can make you famous

I can make you rich” said he

“You shall swim in a pool of marble

And sleep on a fine feather bed

You shall sing for the lords and the ladies

You shall sing for the Queen and the King

And young and old will pay good gold

To hear the mermaid sing”

“Don’t go ! Don’t go !” cried the seagulls

And the seashells warned “He lies”

But the mermaid listened to old Sam Sly

And smiled as she waved her goodbyes

And he took her away to the circus

And she sang to the crowds round the ring

And “More ! More ! More !” came the deafening roar

When they heard the mermaid sing

Now the mermaid shared a caravan

With Annie the acrobat

And Ding and Dong the circus dogs

And Bella the circus cat

And she made good friends with the jugglers

And the man who swallowed fire

And the clown with the tumbledown trousers

And the woman who walked on wire

But she wasn’t friends with old Sam Sly

No she didn’t care for him

For he made her live in a fish tank

Where there wasn’t room to swim

And there was no pool of marble

There was no feather bed

And when she begged him “Set me free !”

He laughed and shook his head

All summer long the circus toured

All autumn winter spring

And many a crowd cheered long and loud

To hear the mermaid sing

But the mermaid dreamed of  Silversands

And she longed for the deep blue sea

And her songs grew sad and again she said

“I beg you set me free”

But again he laughed and shook his head

And he told her “No such thing

Here you will stay while people pay

To hear the mermaid sing”

At Silversands a seagull

Was flying to to his nest

When on the breeze he heard a song

The song which he loved best

And he followed the song to the caravan

Sam Sly was about to lock it

The seagull watched as he turned the key

And slipped it into his pocket

The seagull waited until Sam had gone

The he perched on the windowsill

And tap-tap-tap at the window

He tapped with his yellow bill

“Come back ! Come back to Silversands

It’s only a mile away

I can find the key and set you free

If you’ll come home to the bay”

“Escape !” barked the dogs

“Escape !” miaowed the cats

But the mermaid sighed “I’d fail

For how could I walk to Silversands

When I only have a tail?”

“Like this !” cried Annie the acrobat

And she stood upon her hands

“This is the way the only way

To get to Silversands

Right hand left hand tail up high

There’s really nothing to it

If I give you lessons every night

You’ll soon learn how to do it”

Next week while Sam was snoring

The seagull stole the key

He carried it off to the caravan

And set the mermaid free

And he flew ahead to guide her

As she walked upon her hands

All along the moonlit road

That led to Silversands

And the creatures on the seashore

And the fish beneath the foam

Jumped and splashed and danced with joy

To have their mermaid home

And she sang to the cockles and mussels

She sang to the birds on the wing

And the seashells clapped and the seagulls flapped

To hear the mermaid sing

And if you go down to Silversands

And swim in the bay of blue

Perhaps you’ll see the mermaid

And perhaps she’ll sing for you

(Written by Julia Donaldson)



Have you ever been to the Fine Time Circus ?

They have five spectacular performing mice

And each of them has a different skill

Each more spectacular than the last

Number one can ride a bike and fly a kite

Number two can run a mile on his front paws

Number three can skate on ice while dining on pineapple

Number four can sky dive and juggle fire

“But what can number five do ?”

I hear you ask

Are you ready for it ?

Can you guess ?

Number five can …

Ride a bike

Fly a kite

Run a mile

Skate on ice

Dine on pineapple

Sky dive

And juggle fire

At the same time !

If you don’t believe me then you must go to the Fine Time Circus

To see the five performing mice for yourself

(Written by Isabel Crawford)