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I like cars

Red cars

Green cars

Sport and racing cars

I like cars

A car in a garage

A car with a load

A car with a flat tyre

A car on the road

I like cars

I like trains

Express trains

Toy trains

Streamline trains

Freight trains

Old trains

Milk trains

I like trains

I like people

Good people

Sad people

Slow people

Odd people

Big people

Little people

I like people

I like insects

Black ones and green ones

Useful insects

Harmful insects

All kinds of insects

An insect in the grass

An insect in the house

Lots of insects

I like insects

Shiny insects

Noisy insects

Those which are thin or plump

I like insects

I like fish

Gold fish

Silver fish

Young as well as old fish

All sorts of fish

A fish in a pond

A fish in a river

A fish in the ocean

A fairy tale fish

I like fish

I like dogs

A dog that is barking over the hill

A dog that is dreaming very still

A dog that is running wherever he will

I like dogs

I like boats

Any kind of boat

Tug boats

Tow boats

Large boats

Barge boats

I like boats

I like whistles

Wild whistles

Bird whistles

Far-off-heard whistles

Boat whistles

Train whistles

I like whistles

I like seed

Radish seeds

Lettuce seeds

Flower seeds

Grain of wheat

All sorts of corn and seeds

Corn with long green stems

Seeds carried by the wind

I like seed

I like snow

Cold snow

Slow snow

White snow

Icy snow

I like snow

Snow falling softly with everything still

White in the blue night

White on the sill

White on the trees on the far distant hill

With everything still

I like snow

(Written by Margaret Wise Brown)




1 is a snail

2 is a person

3 is a person and a snail

4 is a dog

5 is a dog and a snail

6 is an insect

7 is an insect and a snail

8 is a spider

9 is a spider and a snail

10 is a crab

And that means

20 is two crabs

30 is three crabs

Or ten people and a crab

40 is four crabs

Or ten dogs

50 is five crabs

Or ten dogs and a crab

60 is six crabs

Or ten insects

70 is seven crabs

Or ten insects and a crab

80 is eight crabs

Or ten spiders

90 is nine crabs

Or ten spiders and a crab

So 100 is ten crabs

Or if you’re really counting slowly

One hundred snails !

(Written by April Pulley Sayre and Jeff Sayre and illustrated by Randy Cecil)

Crabs have ten feet. Their front two feet also have a second job as claws