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Babies don’t walk they ride !

Babies don’t run they glide!

Strolling in buggies and backpacks and slings

Rolling in trolleys and car seats and things

Bumping around all over the place

With a scowl or a howl or a smile on their face

Charging along like charioteers

Flying down hills and up in the air

Huggled and cuddled and carried along

If babies could talk they’d be singing this song

Babies don’t walk they ride !

(Written by Kathy Henderson)



There’s a great big turnip

At the bottom of the field

I’ll get it

See my muscles!

I pushed and pulled

But I couldn’t get it out

I pushed and I pulled

And gave a little shout

Come here wife !

How’s your muscles ?

My wife came up

But she couldn’t get it out

We pushed and pulled

And we gave a little shout

Come here girl !

How’s your muscles ?

The girl came up

But she couldn’t get it out

We pushed and pulled

And we gave a little shout

Come here boy !

How’s your muscles ?

The boy came up

But he couldn’t get it out

We pushed  and pulled

And we gave a little shout

Come here dog !

How’s your muscles ?

The dog came up

But he couldn’t get it out

We pushed and pulled

And we gave a little shout

Come here cat !

How’s your muscles ?

The cat came up

But she couldn’t get it out

We pushed and pulled

And we gave  a little shout

Come here mouse !

How’s your muscles ?

The mouse came up

And pulled it out


We patted him on the back

And we gave a little shout

Well done mouse !

Great muscles ! Continue reading THE ENORMOUS TURNIP


Great Uncle Morissey,  Dad and Mum

Were drowsing in deck chairs in the sun

“Run off and play” they said to me

“Make sand pies till it’s time for tea”

I was fetching some water in my pale

When I came across a lady with a long fishy tail

Sitting by a pool on a sea weedy shelf

Singing softly all by herself

When I asked if she’d care to take some tea

With Great Uncle Morissey, Dad, Mum and me

She lashed up the water, shook out her hair

Sent a thousand droplets into the air

And I just caught sight of the tip of her fin

As she whisked up her tail and dived right in

When I asked Uncle Morissey if he would wish

To meet a lady who was half a fish

He only yawned and said he’d seen plenty

When he was a lad back in 1920

(Written by Shirley Hughes)



Lazy daisy grassy  hugs

Love you more than ladybugs

Giggle wiggle jump and run

Love you more than playground fun

Tickle pickle munch and crunch

Love you more than picnic lunch

Swirly whirly smile so bright

Love you more than soaring kites

Scribble dribble draw and talk

Love you more than sidewalk chalk

Sprinkle twinkle mix and bake

Love you more than chocolate cake

Sudsy wudsy splash and laugh

Love you more than bubble bath

Snuggle huggle read and sing

Love you more than anything

(Written by Anna Harber Freeman and illustrated by Jed Henry)


I love every bit of you

Your eyes and ears and nose

I love every bit of you

From your head down to your toes

I love your tumbles, jumps and bumps

Your fidgets and your wriggles

I love your smile

I love your frown

Your whispers and your giggles

I love your games of hide and seek

Your messes and your muddles

I love your bedtime best of all

Its kisses and its cuddles

I love you when you’re having fun

And when you’re sometimes sad

I love you when you’re kind and good

And even when you’re bad

Yes I love every bit of you

And this I know for sure

With every day that passes by

I love you more and more

(Written by Emma Dodd)





The baby went for a ride

A bumpety bumpety bump !

She rode in her sister’s arm

A slumpety slumpety slump !

She rode on her Grandpa’s knee

A tumpety  tumpety tump !

She rode on her Mother’s hip

A lumpety  lumpety lump !

She rode on her Uncle’s neck

A bumpety bumpety bump

And flew high in the air

A jumpety  jumpety jump

She rode  round and about and then

Went  back to sleep

In her cot again

((Written by Kathy Henderson)


Guess what I’ve got ? Hip hip hooray !

A brand new baby to love all day !

Aren’t I lucky ? Yes I know !

Why don’t you come and say hello ?

One fat tummy tight like a drum

Two little cheeks on one little bum !

Two little arms under the vest

One little neck and a soft warm chest

Two chubby legs and two rolly thighs

One little forehead, two round eyes

One funny hairstyle

Oh what a mess !

Too many hairs for anyone to guess

Two tiny hands and one small chin

Eight squashy knuckles with dimples in

Two strong shoulders

Two little wrists

Two plump knees

Now what have I missed ?

One squishy waist and two soft hips

One kissy mouth with two pink lips

Just one belly button small and sweet

Two pudgy ankles two tickly feet !

Ten little fingers ten little toes

Two little ears and one little nose

Two warm cheeks all rosy and bright

A kiss and a cuddle to say good night

One sleepy face on one sleepy head

Sleep tight, love you

It’s time for bed

(Written by Giles Andreae and Emma Dodd)