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I like cars

Red cars

Green cars

Sport and racing cars

I like cars

A car in a garage

A car with a load

A car with a flat tyre

A car on the road

I like cars

I like trains

Express trains

Toy trains

Streamline trains

Freight trains

Old trains

Milk trains

I like trains

I like people

Good people

Sad people

Slow people

Odd people

Big people

Little people

I like people

I like insects

Black ones and green ones

Useful insects

Harmful insects

All kinds of insects

An insect in the grass

An insect in the house

Lots of insects

I like insects

Shiny insects

Noisy insects

Those which are thin or plump

I like insects

I like fish

Gold fish

Silver fish

Young as well as old fish

All sorts of fish

A fish in a pond

A fish in a river

A fish in the ocean

A fairy tale fish

I like fish

I like dogs

A dog that is barking over the hill

A dog that is dreaming very still

A dog that is running wherever he will

I like dogs

I like boats

Any kind of boat

Tug boats

Tow boats

Large boats

Barge boats

I like boats

I like whistles

Wild whistles

Bird whistles

Far-off-heard whistles

Boat whistles

Train whistles

I like whistles

I like seed

Radish seeds

Lettuce seeds

Flower seeds

Grain of wheat

All sorts of corn and seeds

Corn with long green stems

Seeds carried by the wind

I like seed

I like snow

Cold snow

Slow snow

White snow

Icy snow

I like snow

Snow falling softly with everything still

White in the blue night

White on the sill

White on the trees on the far distant hill

With everything still

I like snow

(Written by Margaret Wise Brown)




Great Uncle Morissey,  Dad and Mum

Were drowsing in deck chairs in the sun

“Run off and play” they said to me

“Make sand pies till it’s time for tea”

I was fetching some water in my pale

When I came across a lady with a long fishy tail

Sitting by a pool on a sea weedy shelf

Singing softly all by herself

When I asked if she’d care to take some tea

With Great Uncle Morissey, Dad, Mum and me

She lashed up the water, shook out her hair

Sent a thousand droplets into the air

And I just caught sight of the tip of her fin

As she whisked up her tail and dived right in

When I asked Uncle Morissey if he would wish

To meet a lady who was half a fish

He only yawned and said he’d seen plenty

When he was a lad back in 1920

(Written by Shirley Hughes)