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Goodness gracious fiddle dee dee !

Somebody’s grandmother out to sea

Just where the breakers begin to bound

Somebody’s grandmother bobbing around

Up on the shore the people shout

“Give us a hand and we’ll pull you out !”

“No says the granny “I’m right as rain

And I’m going to go on till I get to Spain.”

(Written by Margaret Mahy)



There were these two children

And they were in bed

And it was

Time they were asleep

But they were making a huge noise

Shouting yelling and screaming

Look at me

Look at you

Let’s go mad

Yes ! Let’s go mad

Their Dad heard them

And he shouted up to them

Stop the noise

Stop the noise

If you don’t stop the noise

I’m coming upstairs

And I’ll give you

A bit of real touble

Everything went quiet

A few minutes later

One of the children called out

Dad ! Dad !

When you come up

To give us a bit of real trouble

Can you bring us up

A drink of water as well

(Written by Michael Rosen)


Be glad your nose is on your face

Not pasted on some other place

For if it were where it is not

You might dislike your nose a lot

Imagine if your precious nose

Were sandwiched in  between your toes

That clearly would not be a treat

For you’d be forced to smell your feet

Your nose would be a source of dread

Were it attached atop your head

It soon would drive you to despair

Forever tickled by your hair

Within your ear your nose would be

An absolute catastrophe

For when you were obliged to sneeze

Your brain would rattle from the breeze

Your nose instead through thick and thin

Remains between your eyes and chin

Not pasted on some other place

Be glad your nose is on your face

(Written by Jack Prelutsky)




Eeny meeny miny mo

Catch a tiger by his toe

If he hollers let him go

Eeny meen miny mo


Jeema jeema jima jo

Jickamy jackamy jory

Hika sika pika wo

Jeema jeema jima jo


Hana mana mona mike

Barcelona bona strike

Hare ware frown venac

Harrico warrico we wo wac


Eena meena mina mo

Cracka fina fina fo

Uppa nootcha poppa tootcha

Ring ding dang doe


Eeny meeny miny mo

Barcelona stony sty

Eggs  butter cheese bread

Stick stack stone dea


Une mine mane mo

Une fine fane fo

Maticaire et matico

Mets la main derriere ton dos


Ene mene ming mang

King klang

Osse bosse bakke disse

Eje veje vaek


Eena meena ming mong

Ting tay tong

Ooza vooza voka tooza

Vis vos vay


Zinti tinti

Tethera methera

Bumfa litera

Hover dover

Dicket dicket

As I sat on my sooty kin

I saw the king of Irel pirel

Playing on Jerusalem pipes


Zeenty teenty

Heathery bethery

Bumful oorie

Over Dover

Saw the King of easel diesel

Jumping over Jerusalem wall


One potato two potato three potato four

Five potato six potato seven potato more