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Five police officers standing by a door

One became a traffic cop

Then there were four

Four police officers watching over me

One took home a lost boy

Then there were three

Three police officers dressed all in blue

One stopped a speeding car

Then there were two

Two police officers look how fast they run

One caught a burglar

Then there was one

One police officer saw smoke faraway

He called up the fire house

And the fireman saved the day




Around and around and around we go

When we get home we have a zero

Number one is like stick

A straight line that is very quick

Around and back on the railroad track

Two two two two !

Around a tree around a tree

That’s the way to make a tree

Down and over down once more

That’s the way to make a four

Straight line down then around

Hat on top and five’s a clown

Make a curve then make a a loop

There are no more tricks to make a six

Across the sky and down from heaven

That’s the way to make a seven

Make an S and do not wait

Go back up and that’s an eight

A loop and a line

That makes a nine

Straight line down then around with a grin

That’s the way to make a ten











Two for a crew

Two for a crew

What do you do with two for a crew ?

Sail !

Four at the shore

Four at the shore

What do you do with four at the shore ?

Swim !

Six on the bricks

Six on the bricks

What do you do with six on the bricks ?

Fly !

Eight in a crate

Eight in a crate

What do you do with eight in a crate ?

Run !

Ten in a den

Ten in a den

What do you do with ten in a den ?

Sleep !

Twelve by themselves

Twelve by themselves

What do you do with twelve by themselves ?

Waddle !

All you really  have to do is practice how to count by twos

2  4  6  8  10  and 12 !

(Written by Suzanne Hardin and illustrated by Bay Mathis)


Patterns can flow

Patterns can grow

Patterns pop up wherever you go

Patterns on mats and patterns on hats

Patterns on doors and patterns on floors

Patterns on seats and patterns on streets

Patterns on gates and patterns on plates

Patterns on walls and patterns on shawls

Patterns on shirts and patterns on skirts

Patterns on socks and patterns on frocks

Patterns on trees and patterns on bees

Patterns on snails and patterns on tails

Patterns in clapping and patterns in tapping

Patterns in walking and patterns in talking

Patterns in chiming and patterns in rhyming

Patterns you hear and patterns you see

Patterns on you and patterns on me

Patterns repeat like a rolling refrain

Over and over and over again

Over and over and over again

Over and over and over again

(Written by Sue Murphy)