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If the world was crazy you know what I’d eat ?

A big slice of soup and a whole quart of meat

A lemonade sandwich and then I might try

Some roasted ice cream or a bicycle pie

A nice notebook salad an underwear roast

An omelette of hats and some crisp cardboard toast

A thick malted milk made fromĀ  pencils and daisies

And that’s what I’d eat if the world was crazy

If the world was crazy you know what I’d wear ?

A chocolate suit and a tie of eclair

Some marshmallow earmuffs some licorice shoes

And I’d read a paper of peppermint news

I’d call the boys Suzie and call the girls Harry

I’d talk through my ears and I always would carry

A paper umbrella for when it grew hazy

To keep in the rain if the world was crazy

If the world were crazy you know what I’d do ?

I’d walk on the ocean and swim in my shoe

I’d fly through the ground and skip through the air

I’d run down the bathtub and bathe on the stair

When I met somebody I’d say “G’bye Jo”

And when I was leaving the I’d say “Hello”

And the greatest of men would be silly and lazy

So I would be king if the world was crazy





Here is Simpkin

Simpkin once and Simpkin twice

Simpkin nasty Simpkin nice

Simpkin fast and Simpkin slow

Simpkin high and Simpkin low

Simpkin round and round the chairs

Simpkin up and down the stairs

Simpkin thin and Simpkin fat

Simpkin this and Simpkin that

Simpkin weak and Simpkin strong

Simpkin short and Simpkin long

Simpkin smooth and Simpkin rough


Simpkin warm and Simpkin chilly

Simpkin sensible and silly

And sometimes when we stand and call


(Written by Quentin Blake)



Sing a song of people

Walking fast or slow

People in the city

Up and down they go

People on the side walk

People on the bus

People passing passing

In back and front of us

People on the subway

Underneath the ground

People riding taxis

Round and round and round

People with their hats on

Going in the doors

People with umbrellas

When it rains and pours

People in tall buildings

And in stores below

Riding elevators

Up and down they go

People walking singly

People in a crowd

People saying nothing

People talking loud

People laughing smiling

Grumpy people too

People who just hurry

And never look at you !

Sing a song of people

Who like to come and go

Sing of city people

You see but never know

(Written by Louis Lenski)