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A is for anteater with its long snout

B is for bats which zigzag about

C is for the chimp which swings from a branch

D  for the donkey asleep after lunch

E is for elephant wrinkly and grey

F  for the fox which I hope gets away

G for giraffe with its JCB neck

H is for hen with a husband to peck

I for an indolent iguana

J for the shape of the monkey’s banana

K for koala who clings to a tree

L for the leopard whose spots won’t change me

M is for mole my namesake of course

N for the neigh of a bad tempered horse

O is the ostrich whose head disappears

And (wait for it, wait for it, cover your ears)

P for the parrot which squawks till you’re deaf

Q is for quails’ eggs a treat from the chef

R for rhinoceros beware its huge horn

S for the sloth who’s too lazy to yawn

T is the tiger,  that striped mega-star

U is for ugly which no creatures are

V is for vole so nearly my name

(Just change the first letter and read it again)

W watch out for Ahab’s whale

X for the slobbery kiss of a snail

Y for the Yogi in Yellowstone Park

Zzzz for the forest asleep after dark

(Written by John Mole)