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Anna Elise

She jumped with suprise

The suprise was so quick

It played her a trick

The trick was so rare

She jumped in a chair

The chair was so frail

She jumped in a pail

The pail was so wet

She jumped in a net

The net was so small

She jumped on a ball

The ball was so round

She jumped on the ground

And ever since then

She’s been turning aroun



Have you ever been to the Fine Time Circus ?

They have five spectacular performing mice

And each of them has a different skill

Each more spectacular than the last

Number one can ride a bike and fly a kite

Number two can run a mile on his front paws

Number three can skate on ice while dining on pineapple

Number four can sky dive and juggle fire

“But what can number five do ?”

I hear you ask

Are you ready for it ?

Can you guess ?

Number five can …

Ride a bike

Fly a kite

Run a mile

Skate on ice

Dine on pineapple

Sky dive

And juggle fire

At the same time !

If you don’t believe me then you must go to the Fine Time Circus

To see the five performing mice for yourself

(Written by Isabel Crawford)


A is for anteater with its long snout

B is for bats which zigzag about

C is for the chimp which swings from a branch

D  for the donkey asleep after lunch

E is for elephant wrinkly and grey

F  for the fox which I hope gets away

G for giraffe with its JCB neck

H is for hen with a husband to peck

I for an indolent iguana

J for the shape of the monkey’s banana

K for koala who clings to a tree

L for the leopard whose spots won’t change me

M is for mole my namesake of course

N for the neigh of a bad tempered horse

O is the ostrich whose head disappears

And (wait for it, wait for it, cover your ears)

P for the parrot which squawks till you’re deaf

Q is for quails’ eggs a treat from the chef

R for rhinoceros beware its huge horn

S for the sloth who’s too lazy to yawn

T is the tiger,  that striped mega-star

U is for ugly which no creatures are

V is for vole so nearly my name

(Just change the first letter and read it again)

W watch out for Ahab’s whale

X for the slobbery kiss of a snail

Y for the Yogi in Yellowstone Park

Zzzz for the forest asleep after dark

(Written by John Mole)


Zip a dee doo dah

Zip a dee day

My O my what a wonderful day

Plenty of sunshine heading my way

Zip a dee doo dah

Zip a dee day

Mister blue bird on my shoulder

It’s the truth it’s actch’ll

Everything is satisfactch’ll

Zip a dee doo dah

Zip a dee day

Wonderful feeling

Wonderful day


Tip a tee too tah

Tip a tee tay.

Dip a dee do dah

Dip a dee day

Lip a lee loo lah

Lip a lee lay


There’s a green bird on my shoulder

There’s a red bird on my shoulder