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Freddie found a fairy tangled in a tree

“Help I’m stuck !” the fairy cried

So Freddie set her free

“Thank you” said the fairy

“My name is Bessie-Belle

I’ll grant you all your wishes

Though I can’t hear very well”

Freddie thought then mumbled

“I wish I had a pet”

“Why so you shall” said Bessie-Belle

And conjured up a net

“I don’t want fish” said Freddie

“I’d rather have a dog”

“Hey presto !” said the fairy

And conjured up a frog

“Let”s try again” said Freddie

“I wish I had a cat”

“That’s easy” said the fairy and conjured up a bat

“I don’t like bats” said Freddie

“But what about a mouse ?”

“Lift up that stone !” the fairy said

And Freddie found a louse

“That isn’t right” said Freddie

“Let’s think. Perhaps a parrot ?”

“I’ll do my best” said Bessie -Belle

And conjured up a carrot

Freddie stamped his foot and said

“This carrot has no beak”

“Forgive me” said the fairy

And a tear rolled down her cheek

Just then from out of nowhere

Appeared the Fairy Queen

She dried the fairy’s eyes and asked

“Whatever does this mean ?”

“It’s Bessie-Belle” said Freddie

“She gets things wrong” he grumbled

“I’m sorry” said the fairy

“But that’s because you mumbled”

“Now Freddie” said the Fairy Queen

(She sounded kind but stern)

“Before you wish again, there are

Three rules for you to learn

Rule one : you mustn’t mumble

Rule two: don’t turn away

The fairy needs to read your lips

To read the words you say

Rule three: don’t cover up your mouth

She can’t see through your hand !

Obey these three gold rules and then

I’m sure she’ll understand”

So Freddie learnt the three gold rules

And now he speaks quite clearly

And everything he wishes for comes true

Or very nearly

(Written by Julia Donaldson and Illustrated by Karen George)




My eyes see

His eyes see

I see him

And he sees me

Our eyes see blue

Our eyes see red

They see a bird

They see a bed

They see the sun

They see the moon

They see a fork

A knife

A spoon

They see a girl

They see a man

A boy

A horse

An old tin can

They look down holes

They look up poles

Our eyes see trees

They look at clocks

They look at bees

They look at socks

Our eyes see flies

Our eyes see ants

Sometimes they see pink underpants

Our eyes see rings

Our eyes see strings

They see

So many many things

So many things

Like rain

And pie

And dogs

And aeroplanes

In the sky

And so we say

Hooray for eyes

Hooray hooray hooray

For eyes

(Written by Dr Seuss / Theo LeSieg / Theodor Geisel)


Anna Elise

She jumped with suprise

The suprise was so quick

It played her a trick

The trick was so rare

She jumped in a chair

The chair was so frail

She jumped in a pail

The pail was so wet

She jumped in a net

The net was so small

She jumped on a ball

The ball was so round

She jumped on the ground

And ever since then

She’s been turning aroun


Have you ever been to the Fine Time Circus ?

They have five spectacular performing mice

And each of them has a different skill

Each more spectacular than the last

Number one can ride a bike and fly a kite

Number two can run a mile on his front paws

Number three can skate on ice while dining on pineapple

Number four can sky dive and juggle fire

“But what can number five do ?”

I hear you ask

Are you ready for it ?

Can you guess ?

Number five can …

Ride a bike

Fly a kite

Run a mile

Skate on ice

Dine on pineapple

Sky dive

And juggle fire

At the same time !

If you don’t believe me then you must go to the Fine Time Circus

To see the five performing mice for yourself

(Written by Isabel Crawford)


A is for anteater with its long snout

B is for bats which zigzag about

C is for the chimp which swings from a branch

D  for the donkey asleep after lunch

E is for elephant wrinkly and grey

F  for the fox which I hope gets away

G for giraffe with its JCB neck

H is for hen with a husband to peck

I for an indolent iguana

J for the shape of the monkey’s banana

K for koala who clings to a tree

L for the leopard whose spots won’t change me

M is for mole my namesake of course

N for the neigh of a bad tempered horse

O is the ostrich whose head disappears

And (wait for it, wait for it, cover your ears)

P for the parrot which squawks till you’re deaf

Q is for quails’ eggs a treat from the chef

R for rhinoceros beware its huge horn

S for the sloth who’s too lazy to yawn

T is the tiger,  that striped mega-star

U is for ugly which no creatures are

V is for vole so nearly my name

(Just change the first letter and read it again)

W watch out for Ahab’s whale

X for the slobbery kiss of a snail

Y for the Yogi in Yellowstone Park

Zzzz for the forest asleep after dark

(Written by John Mole)