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It’s funny how beetles

And creatures like that

Can walk upside down

As well as walk flat

They crawl on a ceiling

And climb on a wall

Wihout any practice

Or trouble at all

While I have been trying

For a year (maybe more)

And still I can’t stand

With my head on the floor

(Written by Aileen Fisher)




Anna Elise

She jumped with suprise

The suprise was so quick

It played her a trick

The trick was so rare

She jumped in a chair

The chair was so frail

She jumped in a pail

The pail was so wet

She jumped in a net

The net was so small

She jumped on a ball

The ball was so round

She jumped on the ground

And ever since then

She’s been turning aroun


Babies don’t walk they ride !

Babies don’t run they glide!

Strolling in buggies and backpacks and slings

Rolling in trolleys and car seats and things

Bumping around all over the place

With a scowl or a howl or a smile on their face

Charging along like charioteers

Flying down hills and up in the air

Huggled and cuddled and carried along

If babies could talk they’d be singing this song

Babies don’t walk they ride !

(Written by Kathy Henderson)


Little donkey on the hill standing there so very still

Making faces at the skies little donkey close your eyes

Little monkey in the tree swinging there so merrily

Throwing coconuts at the skies little monkey close your eyes

Silly sheep that slowly crop night has come and you must stop

Chewing grass beneath the skies silly sheep now close your eyes

Little pig that squeals about make no noises with your snout

No more squealing to the skies little pig now close your eyes

Wild young bird that sweetly sing curve your head beneath your wing

Dark night covers all the skies wild young birds now close your eyes

Old black cat down in the barn keeping five small kittens warm

Let the wind blow in the skies dear old black cat close your eyes

Little child all tucked in bed looking such a sleepy head

Stars are quiet in the skies little child now close your eyes

[Written by Margaret Wise Brown]



Two for a crew

Two for a crew

What do you do with two for a crew ?

Sail !

Four at the shore

Four at the shore

What do you do with four at the shore ?

Swim !

Six on the bricks

Six on the bricks

What do you do with six on the bricks ?

Fly !

Eight in a crate

Eight in a crate

What do you do with eight in a crate ?

Run !

Ten in a den

Ten in a den

What do you do with ten in a den ?

Sleep !

Twelve by themselves

Twelve by themselves

What do you do with twelve by themselves ?

Waddle !

All you really  have to do is practice how to count by twos

2  4  6  8  10  and 12 !

(Written by Suzanne Hardin and illustrated by Bay Mathis)