Two legs sat upon three legs

With one leg in his lap

In comes four legs

And runs away with one leg

Up jumps two legs

Picks up three legs

Throws it after four legs

And makes him bring one leg back



This is my place my very own place

Staring the ocean straight in the face

Every morning I wake to find

The ocean in front and the hill behind

Every morning I wake to see

The ocean carefully watching me

I watch the ocean back again

It stamps and whinnies and tosses its mane

Bright and dangerous bold and free

Only a fool would trust the sea

Mighty waters that call and move

Only a fool could help but love

Standing here I can know the sea

But what in the world does it make of me

Dreaming dancing false and true

I can be bright and dangerous too

Holding the hills and the sea and the sky

A little reflection drowned in my eye

(Written by Margaret Mahy)


My dad’s thumb

Can stick pins in wood

Without flinching

It can crush family size matchboxes

In one stroke

And lever off  jam-jar lids without piercing

At the pierce here sign

If it wanted

It could be a bath-plug

Or a paint-scraper

A keyhole cover or a tap-tightener

It’s already a great nutcracker

And it it dressed up

It could easily pass

As a broad bean or big toe

In actual fact it’s quite simply

The world’s fastest envelope burster

(Written by Michael Rosen)