I have a bandaid on my finger

One on my knee and one on my nose

One on my heel and two on my shoulder

Three on my elbow and nine on my toes

Two on my wrist and one on my ankle

One on my chin and one on my thigh

Four on my belly and five on my bottom

One on my forehead and one on my eye

One on my neck and in case I might need ’em

I have a box full of thirty five more

But oh ! I do think it is sort of a pity

I don’t have a cut or a sore

(Written by Shel Silverstein)



“I cannot go to school today ”

Said little Peggy Ann McKay

“I have the measles and the mumps

A gash a rash and purple bumps

My mouth is wet my throat is dry

I’m going blind in my right eye

My tonsils are as big as rocks

I’ve counted 16 chicken pox

And there’s one more – that’s seventeen

And don’t you think my face looks green ?

My leg is cut my eyes are blue

It must be instamatic flu

I cough and sneeze and gasp and choke

I’m sure that my left leg is broke

My hip hurts when I move my chin

My belly button’s caving in

My back is wreched my ankles sprained

My ‘pendix pains each time it rains

My nose is cold my toes are numb

I have a sliver in my thumb

My neck is stiff my spine is weak

I hardly whisper when I speak

My tongue is filling up my mouth

I think my hair is falling out

My elbow’s bent my spine ain’t straight

My temperature is one-o-eight

My brain is shrunk I cannot hear

There is a hole inside my ear

I have a hangnail and my heart is – what ?

What’s that ? What’s that you say ?

You say that today is Saturday ?

G’bye. I’m going out to play !”

(Written by Shel Silverstein)


Be glad your nose is on your face

Not pasted on some other place

For if it were where it is not

You might dislike your nose a lot

Imagine if your precious nose

Were sandwiched in between your toes

That clearly would not be a treat

For you’d be forced to smell your feet

Your nose would be a source of dread

Were it attached atop your head

It soon would drive you to despair

Forever tickled by your hair

Within your ear your nose would be

An absolute catastrophe

For when you were obliged to sneeze

Your brain would rattle from the breeze

Your nose instead through thick and thin

Remains between your eyes and chin

Not pasted on some other place

Be glad your nose is on your face

(Written by  Jack Prelutsky)


I come from Alabama

With my banjo on my knee

I’m going to Louisiana

My true love for to see

It rained all night the day I left

The weather it was dry

The sun so hot

I froze to death

Susanna don’t you cry

Oh Susanna

Oh don’t you cry for me

For I come from Alabama

With my banjo on my knee

I had a dream the other night

When everything was still

I thought I saw Susanna

A-coming down the hill

The buckwheat cake was in her mouth

The tear was in her eye

Says I, I’m coming from the south

Susanna don’t you cry

Oh Susanna

Oh don’t you cry for me

For I come from Alabama

With a banjo on my knee



Rabbit’s feeling sleepy she curls up in a chair

Tap ! Tap ! Who’s that ?

Oh dear ! it’s builder bear

Where can rabbit have her nap ? The window seat looks nice

Bang ! Clash ! Who’s that ?

Oh ! no ! A band of mice

Rabbit’s in her deckchair a doze would be so good

Whack ! Crack ! Who’s that ?

It’s fox he’s chopping wood

“A shady tree !” says rabbit. “The kind of spot I like”

Ting-a-ling ! Who’s that ?

Its’s tortoise on his bike

Poor tired rabbit goes back home she yawns and rubs her eyes

Rat-a-tat ! Who’s that ?

“Your friends with a suprize !”

“Hush-a-bunny ! Tra-la-la ! We’ll sing you off to sleep”

Zzzzz ! Zzzzz ! What’s that ?

Shall we have a peep ?

(Written by Julia Donaldson)


Whenever the moon and stars are set

Whenever the wind is high

All night long in the dark and wet

A man goes riding by

Late in the night when the fires are out

Why does he gallop and gallop about ?

Whenever the trees are crying aloud

And ships are tossed at sea

By on the highway low and loud

By at the gallop goes he

By at the gallop he goes and then

By he comes back at the gallop again

(Written by Robert Louis Stevensen)



Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth

Then took the other just as fair

And having perhaps the better claim

Because it was grassy and wanted wear

Though as for that passing there

Had worn them really about the same

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black

Oh I kept the first one for another day

Yet knowing how way leads to way

I doubted if I should ever come back

Somewhere ages and ages hence

Two roads diverged in a wood and I –

I took the one less travelled by

And that has made all the difference

(Written by Robert Frost)